Town of Norwich, Vermont

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Trails Committee

The Norwich Trails Committee (NTC) is a subcommittee of the Norwich Conservation Commission whose volunteers maintain and build trails throughout Norwich—in cooperation with the Upper Valley Trails Alliance, Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, Upper Mountain Bike Association, Upper Valley Land Trust, Green Mountain Club and private landowners.

Norwich’s most notable trails include the Parcel 5, Brookmead, Blue Ribbon and Gile Mountain trails on the east side of the Charles Brown Brook with the Bill Ballard, Brown Schoolhouse, Burton Woods, Cossingham and Appalachian trails on the west side. The Hazen and Bradley Hill Trails provide additional connectivity in our network.

The NTC meets on the first Wednesday of each month at the Norwich Historical Society to identify maintenance needs and to strategize extension of the trail system and its amenities. It publishes agendas and maintains minutes of its meetings to create opportunities for public participation and to create a public record of its activities.

Several times a season during Spring, Summer and Fall, the NTC organizes well-attended work crews to clear windfalls, clean water bars, clip brush and to rebuild bridges or steps.

It has been active since 1996.

Nick Krembs, Chair
December 2019

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