Town of Norwich, Vermont

Town offices:

300 Main St.
(802) 649-1419


Transfer Station

Information on Implementation of Act 148

Solid Waste and Recycling information

The Norwich Transfer Station/Recycling Center is located at 24 New Boston Road, next to the Public Works Facility.

Hours of Operation: 8:00 am to 4:45 pm Wednesdays and Saturdays
Telephone: 649-1192
Contact Person: Chris Kaufman, Norwich Public Works Director at 649-2209

Our Objectives:

  • Provide a means of disposing of solid waste, including recycling, in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Dispose of waste at minimal cost and within industry guidelines.
  • Ensure waste management practices are in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

To Use the Transfer Station/Recycling Center:

Town of Norwich residents are required to obtain a Town of Norwich Recycling and Waste Management Resident Permit for vehicles (windshield sticker) yearly as of July 1, 2011. These permits are good for the entire fiscal year, from July 1 through June 30. This permit allows residents to use the Zero-Sort recycling and to dispose of trash at the Transfer Station / Recycling Center. Trash fees are still applicable. You can purchase resident permits and trash coupon books at the Transfer Station. (The Clerk’s office no longer sells Transfer Station stickers or punch cards.)

Transfer Station Fee Schedule
Book Shed
Paint Recycling
Paper Bags versus Plastic Bags
Recycling Instructions
Scrap Metal Bin
Textile Recycling
Tire Disposal Fees
VT E-Cycles Program
Zero-Sort Recycling

Cardboard Compactor:

  • Corrugated Cardboard (When corrugated cardboard is ripped it has ridges.)
  • Boxes must be flat.
  • No pizza boxes.

Trash Compactor:

  • Household trash only.

Not acceptable:

  • Wood
  • Sheetrock
  • Carpets
  • Any other building material

Other Information

The Recover Store:
The ReCover Store truck is scheduled to be at the Norwich Transfer Station at various times during the year to accept donated goods. If you have good, used appliances, furniture, rugs, household goods, or building materials you no longer need and wish to help COVER achieve its mission of helping those less fortunate in the Upper Valley, please bring these items for collections. All donations are tax deductible.
ReCover also accepts these items at their store throughout the year.
For questions, or more information, call the ReCover Store at (802)-296-7241, or email


Residents of Norwich may use the Hartford Transfer/Recycling Center.  Residents must purchase an annual (July 1st through June 30th) permit for each vehicle.  Permit stickers for Norwich residents may be purchased at the Norwich Town Clerk’s office.  Coupons for trash bag disposal are also required, and may be purchase at the Norwich Town Clerk’s office.  Individual coupons or 10-coupon punch cards are available.

For information about fees, hours of operation, and other details, click this link to the Hartford website.


Recycling and composting are included with your permit fee. One coupon or one card punch is needed to dispose of the equivalent of one large 30-gallon kitchen bag (up to 40 pounds) of trash or approximately 50 pounds of construction and demolition, tree/brush material, or bulky waste. Two coupons or punches allow disposal of one tire (16 inches or less) without its rim. Three coupons or punches allow disposal of one tire (16 inches or less) with its rim. Truck and tractor trailer tires cost one coupon or card punch per 40 pounds. Car batteries may be disposed of at a cost of one coupon per battery.


Our Schedule of Events is complete, and the entire website has been updated.

Check out GUVSWMD Calendar of Events for when we will be in your town.

Drop us an email with any questions!

Lisa Comstock
Administrative Assistant, Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste Management District
(802) 674-9201

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