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Planning Commission

The Norwich Planning Commission has seven members appointed by the Selectboard to four year terms. Their responsibilities are described in Vermont Statute (VSA 24) and include:

  • Preparing a town plan
  • Preparing zoning and subdivision regulations based on the town plan
  • Conducting studies on other planning issues
  • Making recommendations to the Selectboard

In conformance with Act 92 the Commission meets via Zoom. Video recordings of these and other related meetings are archived at:

Meeting schedules and agendas are posted on the bulletin boards in and in front of Tracy Hall and on this webpage (see sidebar and below). The Planning Commission typically meets the second Tuesday of the month.  The public is welcome at all meetings. For more information and to submit Correspondence to the Planning Commission, contact the Planning and Zoning Office.

Members – 4-year terms (year term ends)
Jaan Laaspere, Chair (2027)
Jeff Goodrich, Vice Chair (2028)
Ernie Ciccotelli (2026)
Vincent Crow (2026)
Bob Pape (2025)
Mary Gorman (2027)
Christian Spalding (2028)

VCDP Planning Grant Public Hearing 03-19-2024

Planning Commission Regular Meeting July 09, 2024 at 6:30 PM
Planning Commission Meeting Agenda 07-09-2024
Planning Commission Packet 07-09-2024 – Amended

Upcoming Meeting:  Regular Meeting on June 11, 2024 at 6:30PM

Recent Agendas and Packets:
Older agendas and packets can be found HERE.
Planning Commission Special Meeting Agenda 06-13-2024
Planning Commission Agenda 06-11-2024
Planning Commission Packet 06-11-2024

Planning Commission Agenda 05-14-2024
Planning Commission Packet 05-14-2024
PC Special Meeting with Solar Siting Subcommittee, 04-16-2024
PC Solar Siting Subcommittee Agenda 04-16-2024 – Amended
PC Solar Siting Subcommittee Packet 04-16-2024 – Amended

Recent Minutes
Approved minutes found HERE.
PC Minutes 06-13-2024 DRAFT

Planning Commission Documents

Quarterly Reports to the Selectboard
2020 Town Plan
2020 Town Plan Appendices
Planning Commission Bylaws Adopted 10-12-2021
GIS Analysis of Rural Development Patterns – 2022
Planning Commission Subcommittee Statement Adopted 04-09-2024

Other planning documents available from the Planning and Zoning Department page

Planning Commission Subcommittees
Active Subcommittees
Affordable Housing
Solar Siting
Capital Planning

Former Subcommittees
Land Use
Multi-Modal Transportation

To receive email notices of Planning Commission meetings, hearings, or announcements email requesting to be placed on the Town Email List

Current Regulations

Work in Progress



Subcommittee Material