Town of Norwich, Vermont

Town offices:

300 Main St.
(802) 649-1419


Planning and Zoning

We ask that you use email and then telephone as initial points of contact. Information and forms are available here on this website to assist you. The office is staffed by the Planning & Zoning Assistant Pam Mullen Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00AM to 4:00PM.

The Zoning Administrator’s primary responsibility is the administration and enforcement of the zoning and subdivision regulations. Responsibilities also include working with the Planning Commission as Clerk and Planning Coordinator, maintaining the Geographic Information System (GIS) and the Locatable Address System.

Planning Director and Zoning Administrator: Vacant
Email the planning office.
Phone: (802) 649-1419 ext. 4

Zoning Permits
No construction or land development may commence, and no land or structure may be devoted to a new or changed use within the Town without a permit issued by the Zoning Administrator. Any business use carried on within the home requires either a Home Occupation Permit or a Conditional Use approval by the Development Review Board. All subdivisions require approval from the Development Review Board.

Subdivision and Zoning Regulations
Subdivision Regulations 7-3-13
Zoning Regulations Amended 7-1-09

1. Zoning Districts
2. Aquifer Districts
3. Flood Hazard Districts
4. Shoreline Districts
5. Ridgeline Districts
A. Wetlands & Vernal Pools
B. Agricultural Soils
C. Scenic Resources

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