Town of Norwich, Vermont

Town offices:

300 Main St.
(802) 649-1419


Positions up for election 8/13/24

The three Trustees of Public Funds each fill a rotating 3-year term and are responsible for investing the Cemetery Commissioners’ Trust funds. They typically meet 3-4 times per year.  Per the Vermont State Statutes: “Real and personal estate, except U.S. public money, held by a town in trust for any purpose, including cemetery trust funds, unless the person giving the same otherwise directs, shall be under the charge and management of three trustees, elected by the town when the town so votes.” Current Trustees are Cheryl A. Lindberg (term expires 2025) and Douglas Wilberding (2027).  The position up for election will serve until Town Meeting Day in 2026. You can contact Cheryl with any questions.

The Board of Listers is comprised of three Listers and is responsible for equitably assessing real estate in Norwich and producing the annual Grand List in accordance with Vermont Statutes. Each Lister is elected for a three year term with an expected workload of 10-12 hours per week to provide office hours, answer phone calls and emails, and fulfill statutory duties. There is an annual stipend in Norwich, however many Towns in Vermont pay the Listers by the hour.  Filling a Lister role is ideally a long-term position, as your understanding of your role will grow each year. An understanding of appraisal methods and property assessment administration for Vermont is desirable but not required; the State offers annual free trainings through the Department of Property Valuation and Review and a network of support through a District Advisor and listserve. Current listers are Cheryl A. Lindberg (2025) and Ernie Ciccotelli (2027); the vacant seat expires in 2026. You can contact the Listers with any questions.

The Cemetery Commission consists of five people and oversees Norwich’s cemeteries, administers cemetery regulations, maintains cemetery records and plans for the future needs of the cemeteries.  They have an irregular meeting schedule but usually meet every other month or as needed.  Current Cemetery Commissioners are Wilbert “Scooter” Hardy (2025), Emily Myers (2026), Bonnie Munday (2027), and Dan Goulet (2029). The vacant seat expires in 2028. You can contact Emily Myers with any questions.