Town of Norwich, Vermont

Town offices:

300 Main St.
(802) 649-1419


Cemetery Commission Rules and Regulations

The Following shall be the general rules and regulations for use of the Norwich Cemeteries:

  1. No planting of trees or shrubs shall be permitted.
  2. No glass containers allowed in the cemetery (a hazard to our workers).
  3. Plastic flowers may be removed at the discretion of the groundskeepers (the wires in the ground ruin the trimmer).
  4. No person shall enter a cemetery except through an established gate or entrance way.
  5. No person shall deposit rubbish or debris on cemetery grounds, except in receptacles provided.
  6. No person shall pick or mutilate any flowers, either wild or domestic, or disturb any tree, shrub, or other plant material.
  7. No person shall use the cemeteries as picnic grounds or consume alcoholic beverages in a cemetery, or bring the same upon the premises.
  8. No person shall use any form of advertising on cemetery premises.
  9. No person shall discharge firearms in or adjacent to any cemetery.  This prohibition shall not apply to authorized volleys at burial services conducted by recognized military organizations or associations of the United States.
  10. No person shall in any way injure or deface any monument, stone, fence or other structure, or property within any cemetery.
  11. No person shall allow any dog or other domestic animal to run at large within any cemetery.
  12. No child under the age of ten years shall be allowed in any cemetery unless accompanied by an adult.
  13. No horseback riding within or through cemeteries.
  14. No person shall operate or cause to operate any vehicle within a cemetery except on roads designed for that purpose and no vehicle shall be driven at an excessive speed.