Town of Norwich, Vermont

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Capital Facilities Committee Update 05/09/12

Status Update – May 9, 2012

1. Reserve Funds: Reserve Funds work is largely complete at this time. (Fulton memo of November 9, 2011.)

2. Communications Tower (Public Safety & DPW Narrowband Communications):

  • Fulton is proceeding with the Act 250 process with an expectation of completion by June 30th.
  • In an effort to offset some of the project’s cost, Fulton has contacted AT&T and VTel about the possibility of leasing space on the tower. VTel is running propagation studies for wireless communications to determine the degree to which using the tower would help. Hanover Dispatch received a $352,000 Assistance to Firefighters grant which will pay for part of the costs of a six‐tower system. Norwich helped to prepare the grant application. The grant received includes equipment on the tower in Norwich, but not the tower itself.
  • If Norwich has to bond the financing of the tower, it will have to be approved by the voters. The Committee discussed possible timelines for this, noting that the Committee would need to hold another public forum. (Committee minutes of April 12, 2012)

3. Public Safety/DPW Facilities Deficiencies and Functional Needs Analysis:

  • Contract signed with Mink Brook for the study of the fire, police and public works facilities. (Correspondence from Fulton to Committee, February 24, 2012)
  • The project has started and some violations have to be corrected now. Fulton is looking for a draft report from the consultant in May. The consultant is looking at code violations and the costs to remedy those first. (Committee minutes of April 12, 2012)

4. Town Pool Dam Consulting Services:

  • Three companies submitted proposals for consulting services for repair or reconstruction of the Pool Dam and Recreation Area: DuBois & King, Engineering Ventures and Pathways Consulting. … The Committee agreed by consensus to support the recommended selection of DuBois & King. (Committee minutes of April 12, 2012)

5. Other Items:

  • A major maintenance plan is being developed for Tracy Hall.
  • Fire District and Town sidewalks have been inventoried and the Town is in the process of evaluating their condition in order to develop a plan.
  • The Two Rivers‐Ottauquechee Regional Commission has agreed to inventory all our roads and enter the data into a Road Surface Management System to improve road planning. (Correspondence from Fulton to Committee, February 24, 2012)